What We Can’t Live Without

What We Can’t Live Without 1

Is your house on fire or you haven’t eaten or slept in days? Don’t worry, you will totally survive. But imagine life without your phone, Facebook page and an internet connection? Even a day seems impossible.
From pictogram selfies to clueless Facebook updates, the infographic below illustrates the absurdity of modern man’s digital addictions.
According to a Time Magazine survey of 5,000 people from eight different countries, 84 percent of the respondents can’t live without their cell for a single day while 72 percent people said they can’t live without Facebook. Another 2010 survey revealed that high speed internet is the number one technology that people can’t survive without.
The devilish humor however is in the details in the details of modern “needs.”
So for most modern Americans, it doesn’t matter that jobless rates remain high, housing prices and demand remain low, and the world’s financial markets are teetering. When it comes to a new phone, especially an iPhone, none of that matters. They simply must buy.
The Time Survey reveals that Americans are so addicted to their phones 1 in every two must sleep with their phone besides them, while one in every five will check the phone every 10 mins, even if they are in the loo.
Here are the statistics: The number of Americans checking their phone on the toilet is even higher than those checking their phones while having a meal. America is only second to China when it comes to a ‘texting affair’ while one if four American will use phones for sexting or censored images. No wonder Snapchat, the disappearing mobile photo and video messaging startup, has become the most sought-after startup and had the balls to reportedly reject a $3 billion offer from Facebook.
Next on the list of must haves is off course social networking sites. At least 91 percent of American teens use Facebook for self love. i.e. most use it to upload their own photos or videos, while only 40 percent Americans used it for political campaigns. So while the presidential campaign was the most debated topic in America on Facebook in 2012, this year, Americans left politics behind and focused on what really matters: the NFL. Everyone was talking about the Super Bowl, officially Facebook’s “most-buzzed-about” event of 2013.
Decoded further, it implies Facebook is the first site Americans go to when they turn on their iPhone’s . It must be checked in toilets too.
And finally, how is any of this possible without super fast? After all, where and how are you going to shop or buy that next home? Oh and did I forget that at least 72 percent of Americans get health-related info on the web rather than from their docs?

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What We Can’t Live Without

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