Important Things to Know About Best Online Casino Bonus in India

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Online Slots

Casino bonus is an incentive payment made by casinos to players, both new entrants as well as regular players. The bonus may be in the form money or freebies like extra spins. When we list the different forms of best online casino bonus in India, these are the most common –

  1. Deposit bonus: Deposit bonus is a bonus that a player gets when he makes a deposit at a casino. This incentive is mainly offered to new players. And deposit bonus will be a percentage of the money that the player deposits. Some casinos give as deposit bonus, as much as 100% of the amount that the player deposits. As such, if a person deposits Rs. 10,000, he will get $ Rs. 10,000 as bonus so that he will have a total of Rs. 20,000 for playing. The percentage may also be less, like 50% or 25%. However, to avail this, players have to comply with certain rules, especially wagering requirements, and these may vary from casino to casino.


  1. No deposit bonus: This is one of the best online casino bonus in India where freebie money given to players without them having to deposit anything of their own. This is a very attractive offer because players do not have to risk their money at all. All they need to do to play is start an account at the casino. However, this amount will be smaller than the deposit bonus amount, and in India, only a small number of casinos give this type of bonus.


  1. Free spins: Free spins are easy bonuses that a number of online casinos offer in India. With this, hesitant players can familiarize themselves with the mechanism without risking any money. There are two kinds of complimentary spins given as a bonus.
  2. Free spins offered after a player creates a casino account
  3. Free spins given to existing customers as a motivation
  4. Reload bonus: This is a bonus offered only to existing players. This one is more or less like the deposit bonus described above, the main difference being that reload bonus can be utilized repeatedly. Players can avail the option even after losing a game or after withdrawing the existing balance. To avail the bonus, a player has only to make a fresh deposit. Then, based on the deposit amount, he will be able to get extra money for playing.


  1. Cashback: This is a goodwill bonus of casinos, through which players can recover at least a portion of their losses. This bonus comes to the aid of those who are unlucky in gambling and lose money. However, not every casino and every game have a cashback bonus but only specified ones.

Can a player withdraw his bonus money?

Yes, a player can withdraw his bonus money but there are certain attendant conditions for availing this benefit. These are mainly the specific wagering requirements of casinos.

Rules to be kept in mind while availing a casino bonus

  1. Wagering requirement: Each Indian casino may have different rules for the way its customers can make use of the bonus money. Some casinos may require the player to have done it at significantly frequent intervals. For players, it is safer to choose casinos where wagering requirement is low. Staking the money for at least 20 times is considered low in the case of wagering requirement.


  1. Expiry date: Most bonuses have an expiry date, after which players may not be able to make us of them. For a player, especially a new one, to be able to make use of the bonuses, the expiry date should be a minimum of 30 days. There are online Indian casinos where the expiry date is longer than that.


  1. Contributing games: On a casino site, there is difference in the type of games which become eligible for wagering. All games do not qualify the same way.


  1. Slot machines: The results that slot machines produce are random and they fully contribute to wagering requirements. Players cannot control the results in any way in slot machines.
  2. Card games: These are different because winning in a card game is not pure luck. Strategy and skill do play a part in winning in a card game. The contribution of these games to wagering requirements is only 10%.

Casinos will continue to offer bonuses because it is a necessary bait to attract new players and maintain the existing customer base. But best online casino bonus in India come with conditions so that for utilizing them the right way, and players have to do their research well before choosing a casino.

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