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Zoom Car Self Drive
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Zoom Car Self Drive
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Figuring out how to travel around a new city is always a bit of a headache, as one will need to catch up on complicated local routes and the idiosyncrasies of the public transport system. Bangalore is a sprawling hub of lifestyle, entertainment and business which offers multiple modes of transport. Crowded buses and dodgy auto-rickshaws are not the easiest to negotiate if one is travelling to the city for a few days. Price surges make cabs a very expensive affair. The most convenient way to make the most of a Bangalore trip would be a comfortable, independent and uniform mode of transport that begins from the time one lands at the airport – self drive.

Easy Bookings and Customizable Plans

A top self drive car rental in Bangalore would have pick-up points at the airport, conveniently located so one can book a car as soon as he or she lands. Companies like Zoomcar offer automated booking via a light smartphone app which makes the process of acquiring a rental car very quick. Cashless payment options also make modern tech-based car rentals an ideal choice. Other customer convenience focused features for those who choose self drive include 24/7 on-road assistance and all-India permits, which adds an extra layer of assurance and ensures hassle free interstate jaunts.

Affordability is another important factor when choosing a mode of transport in Bangalore. For all the privileges of self drive, the costs are not too high either. There are separate payment plans for different journey requirements. If the trip will involve long hours of driving then plans that ensure a large number of free kilometres are apt. Plans customised for inner city commute are ideal for a trip that involves largely dormant hours. Requirements and situations change, and the top car rental plans are those which can be changed in between. Customised payment plans give the consumer more control over spending, a feature not enjoyed with a regular cab that would charge flat rates. Closing a booking is equally simple. The driver just needs to bring the car back to the pick-up point and indicate the necessary details on the app.

Privacy and Safety

A self drive offers the privacy that cannot be obtained in regular public transport. This is especially important for female travellers on their own or those travelling with families. Impromptu stops and detours can be taken freely with a self drive car and drivers can choose their own routes to avoid traffic. Bangalore’s corporate life gives way to vibrant social hubs once the sun sets. Indiranagar, Koramangala and MG Road are just some of many locations abundant with microbreweries, pubs and a range of restaurants. One can enjoy a hassle free and secure travelling experience at late hours with a self drive car.

A New Age of Transportation

The well-informed traveller is taking control of transport via the advantage of car rentals. With modern perks and affordable rates, self drive cars offer the traveller uncompromised comfort and freedom, levels above the existing public transport scenario of the city.

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