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Invest in Real Estate Invest in Real Estate

Online trading in real estate, long prevalent in developing countries, is picking up in India. The Indian real estate sector, following a boom in the 1990s and 00s, has become part of the investment portfolio of most HNIs and even mid-level investors. Investment in India is undergoing a series of radical changes, with sweeping amendments…

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Phishing Attacks Phishing Attacks

Have you ever come across these mails in your inbox? ‘You just won a bumper prize!’ ‘Deactivation mails’ ‘Unusual sign-in activity’ ‘A Change of password required immediately’ ‘Free drinks on us!’ ’Ready job awaiting you’ These are some of the commonly employed email phish-baits. So, what exactly is phishing? It is a cyber crime where…

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Mighty-Fortress-Easter Mighty-Fortress-Easter

Easter is a time of the year when many churches begin reaching out to their local communities, inviting them to Easter services and meals. For Christians around the globe Easter represents a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, following his crucifixion three days earlier. Easter’s Seemingly Confusing Dates The date is selected to approximately coincide…

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Digital Photography 101 Digital Photography 101

Cameras and technology change, photography trends come and go, and the preferences of clients can vary, but the fundamentals of digital photography remain consistent. These basics are summarized visually in what photographer’s like to call the exposure triangle. The sides of the triangle are 1) Shutter Speed, 2) Aperture, and 3) ISO. Each of these…

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Life Insurance Life Insurance

When looking for an appropriate life cover for yourself and your family, you will be looking for the best cover at the lowest price. Every individual wants an extensive cover for their family while paying a low premium amount. When comparing the covers, everyone tends to compare the premium payable, but there are some factors…

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