Augmented Reality in Luxury Retail

Augmented Reality in Luxury Retail 1

Augmented Reality is known as modern virtual technology. With more development and demand for technology in every aspect of life, every industry had to adapt to these changes. The luxury industry has adapted to the use of ‘Managing Reality’, with better AR’s like ‘Augmented-see-through-display’. It helps a user have better graphic display. The augmented display is more of a realistic feel where you can try-on products as if in a real store, aims to give a user the most synthesized experience ever. Augmented Reality is opening more ways for luxury brands to communicate and spread awareness about their brand by being active on social media and showcasing their new products. For luxury brands its all about creating an ‘Allure’.

Luxury brands believe that what you show and how you show your product is something customers will pay for, a lot. Most companies utilize AR to connect with and engage their customers. As software has developed quite a bit in the recent decade, mobile apps and mobile devices have become the source for brands to showcase their content to their consumers. Luxury brands thrive on heritage glamour, their consumers want experiences that are very realistic and not very hectic. Since every human action potentially involves interactivity, the concepts and definitions of interactivity vary widely.  With changing luxury purchase intentions, buyers want to have the most realistic experience like being there itself and to be able to look for what they want very easily and be able to create the customized product they want.

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Augmented Reality in Luxury Retail 2

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