ATIKA: A Helping Hand for Women


Women in this era have found their way to be in equal stature in all the departments. Let it be sports, entertainment, or any other industry it is due to their own dedication, they are becoming more and more independent in expressing their view and reaching pinnacle of success..But on the other hand, living in India has been a major issue for women. Gang rapes, eve teasing and much hyped New Years eve molestation in Bangalore have shook us all questioning the safety of women and girls in our country..

For acting against such brutal practices, Atika by origin has put forward a solid punch. Atika by Origin Corp has come up with an excellent motto that in today’s time, women are easily capable of getting their own house, and married women, whether working or housewives, still manage their entire household as well, so having the house on their name is one way to bring about change and acknowledge them & respect them. This revolutionary step will be remembered by many.

Atika being a real estate initiative and project by Origin corp have initiated housing to women. This housing for women is made to cater to their needs & fears, by providing female security & services. It’s a place where a working women can freely come back from work at any time of the night to her house with her parents and they won’t have to worry about her well being.

It’s not just about safety, women make their houses homes, and this video where women are talking about #MyHomeMyName perfectly puts into words what we feel, all over the country. I’m ready to bring the change, you?

Kudos to Atika, for thinking and implementing such an impeccable idea. This will definitely be a helping hand for many working woman to house themselves who travel late night. So all the women around, log into to and utilize this opportunity soon.

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