Apollo Eco-Friendly Paints – The Perfect Combination of Luxury and Healthy Living

Aesthetics, Environment-friendly, and cautious spending. These are some of the things that need to go together when buying or putting up something in the house. While the first and last is the norm, the middle aspect is not something that everyone gives a close look at. But it’s always easy to be socially conscious, by just keeping the eyes and ears open.

What are Eco-Friendly paints?

While deciding something as simple as paint for your house, there is a trend taking over among homeowners called Eco-Friendly paints, and all for good reason.

Whenever someone walks into a newly painted room, the smell of the paint is easily discernible. The person may have entered the room for the first time, but it does not need a deep examination to know that the room is freshly painted. This is because of the presence of Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) in these paints. These VOCs can have adverse health effects on the human body by getting exposed to high pollutant levels.

Eco-Friendly paints solve this problem by having very low or negligible levels of VOC content in them, thereby preventing a lot of potential health related issues for all ages.

Special Eco- Friendly Paints from Apollo:

Already one of the most premium brands in paints in the country, Apollo has given special focus on absolutely preventing any form of hazardous long-term or short-term effects on the human body. The health and environmental-friendly paints that the company manufactures have given it a large-scale presence cutting across masses, classes and cities. The best part is that these Eco-friendly paints are totally consumer oriented creating special value and benefit for your money.

The Eco Plus Enviro Luxury Emulsion range is not only environment-friendly with low VOC and odourless application, but also has the distinction of being accredited by the Singapore Environment Council. This is a great benefit especially when there are kids or aged members in your family residing in the home. The Eco-Friendly functionality also gives the material anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Then there’s the Aqua Glossy range of Luxury Enamel for doors and walls which is virtually odourless and has NO Thinner applied, and particularly helpful for those suffering from Asthma or Allergy of any form.

Similarly, the Aqua Wood and Metal Primer’s Eco-Friendly nature and corrosion-resistant properties lend themselves as the perfect companion to your homes.

In fact Apollo has created a niche for itself in the paint industry with their specific focus on world-class Eco-Friendly paints that safeguard of the human body as well as sustaining the environment. Inspired by the greenery that once pervaded Bengaluru city, the company took an avowed commitment to Go Green and become environment-friendly in the last three decades.

This is a rare focus for a consumer goods company and is in stark contrast to other brands in general which try to sustain their market share and penetration. The best part is that Apollo Paints India has created a niche for itself as a top brand from a product perspective as well.

The innovative ability to branch out into mosquito repellent solutions by manufacturing paints which not only look great on the walls, but at the same time act as mosquito repellent is proof of this. Then again, the Eco-friendly interior paints offered by the company are also cooling solutions, which, apart from being luxury and pleasing emulsions, also give that cooling effect also to your home.

This differentiation and going out that extra mile through new ideas and innovation is what makes the Apollo brand of paints special to its users, old and new alike.

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  1. We are very happy that Apollo Paints is Eco friendly Paints, Environmental friendly and it is NO voc. We got our house painted with Apollo Paints we are very much satisfied with this odorless paints.


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