Pick From These Elegant Aluminium Window and Door Designs for Your Home!

Pick From These Elegant Aluminium Window and Door Designs for Your Home! 1

Pick From These Elegant Aluminium Window and Door Designs for Your Home! 2

In a world subject to inevitable transitions, if there is one aspect that has remained constant, it is the utility of aluminium for different purposes. Since time immemorial, this metal has played an indispensable role in satisfying humankind’s various requirements efficiently and consistently.

Take home improvement solutions, for instance. Out of the next ten homes or commercial areas you visit, at least half of them are likely to entail aluminium windows and doors in their premises. And the credit goes to the metal’s malleability, sturdiness and incredible resilience! As premier window and door manufacturers, we at TOSTEM provide innovative, elegant designs personalised to suit every customer’s requirements. Are you looking for dynamic and durable aluminium doors and windows for your home or office? Then, consider taking your pick from these unique designs:

Aluminium Door Designs – Where Comfort Meets Safety

  1. Aluminium Sliding Doors: The classic aluminium sliding doors are available to fit tracks of different sizes, from 2 panels on 2 tracks to 6 panels on 3 tracks. Sliding doors are popular choices for saving space in smaller rooms since they glide on tracks instead of being secured by hinges.
  2. Out swing Doors: Swinging outwards, out swing doors considerably help save indoor space in rooms and cabins. Moreover, they are visually appealing and may demarcate a room from its patio or balcony. Aluminium out swing doors are resilient to fierce winds, heavy rains and humid weather conditions, thus preventing damage.
  3. Inswing Doors: As the name suggests, these doors open on the inside of the room. With the bolts and other locking systems being located inwards, inswing aluminium doors offer utmost safety and security, providing greater control to the room’s occupants.
  4. Folding Doors: Suitable for wide tracks and panels, folding doors are visually appealing and are typically used to demarcate indoor spaces from adjoining balconies or lobbies. Visually appealing and iconic, these doors are ideal for large rooms, especially the front-rooms of homes and foyers of hotels and offices.

Aluminium Window Designs – Establishing Secure Thresholds

  1. Casement Windows: Casement windows are simple window designs fastened by hinges at their sides. Top aluminium window manufacturers also provide casement friction stays to ensure its steadiness and resilience to harsh winds. Casement windows are well-suited to small and medium-sized window openings.
  2. Awning Windows: Awning windows have upper hinges, hence opening in the upward direction. These windows may vary in sizes as per individual requirements. Awning windows made of aluminium are often equipped with pressure seals, which effectively filter out external noises and are resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  3. Fixed and Corner-Fixed Windows: In case of fixed windows, the glass panes are fixed to the tracks below, which prevents them from opening. Fixed and corner-fixed windows cannot exist in isolation as they prevent ventilation. Latest window designs incorporate these windows as effective accompaniments to other window designs like sliding windows and awning windows.
  4. Sliding Windows: The quintessential sliding windows come in different sizes based on the track lengths. For example, smaller sliding windows may consist of 2 or 3 panels on 2 tracks, while the larger ones may entail 4 panels on 2 tracks. Sliding windows are the most popular window designs in residential and commercial areas situated in modern cities


Providing inhabitants with much-needed security and safety, doors and windows safeguard our thresholds while facilitating constant connection with the world around. TOSTEM doors and windows are tested on multiple parameters like noise insulation, airtightness, wind pressure resistance, and water tightness, thus providing residents with excellent safety, comfort and privacy.

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    One of the foremost reasons for opting for aluminium window designs is their durability. Since the material has a high resistance to corrosion, the window frames do not rust, increasing their durability quotient. Adding to this, aluminium doesn’t get worn in extreme weather conditions and can withstand most climatic changes. This also backs the fact that these windows are very suitable for Indian weather conditions as well. The windows also undergo thorough surface treatments, which allow them to retain their aesthetics for a long period.


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