4 Modern Smartphone Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About


Smartphones are basically just a pocket-full of features just waiting to be explored. Even though you have downloaded all possible apps on your phone, there may be some things which you still haven’t discovered. Check this list to know what:

smartphone hacks launcher

  1. You can change the launcher of your phone: Almost all smartphones come with built-in launchers, which the makers construct with a lot of hard work. But despite their efforts, the launchers may not be liked by everyone. This is why there is a plethora of different ways you can use launchers on your new smartphone.

Mobile High Definition Link

  1. You can turn your Android device into a home console: There are some pretty powerful Android-powered smartphones around; but you don’t just need power to play a fully packed game. MHL or Mobile High Definition Link is a great way to connect your TV or monitors to your phone. However, all phones are not adapted to this technology. Many of Micromax smartphones provide this feature, highly recommended by #Technocrats. Octa core smartphones in general have higher GPUs, and therefore gaming is more fun on these smartphones.

Android Pay by Google

  1. Now you can use Android Pay on your phone: In fact, it will come preloaded with all Micromax Android phones. Android Pay is a secure app which will create a virtual credit card number when you register. It will be available in the US where users can pay via fingerprint identification through this app.

4G Micromax India

  1. Your downloads don’t stop when you’re out of coverage with 4G: The fun thing about 4G connectivity is that when you are out of range, you don’t lose access to data connection, instead you switch to 3G speeds, which are now universally accessible. This is why you will not lose any more downloads while you’re on the go with 4G!

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