2014 FIFA World Cup History Facts

The entire world is waiting in expectation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup slated to kick off in a few weeks time. However, how much to you know about this tournament, which will be held in Brazil? Whether you intend to travel to Brazil and watch the games in person or watch them remotely from a device, here are a few things you need to know about FIFA World Cup History.

§ Since is inception only eight countries have managed to win the cup including Brazil, England, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

§ Viewership for this tournament has been increasing. For example the viewership increase from 715.9 million in 2006 finals between France and Italy to 909.9 million in 2010 finals between Netherlands and Spain.

§ The goal line technology will be used for the first time in Brazil and fans were directly involved in the choice of the official ball termed Brazuca.

§ Brazil spent a whopping $3.5 billion for stadium construction and renovation, which is three times more than that spent in South Africa in 2010.

§ The average hotel cost in host city Sao Paulo is for the opening game is $282 while that for the final match averages $371 and Cost for hopping from one host city to another averages $514. Many other costs apply.

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2014 Fifa World Cup Facts

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