2 Piece Mold Making Tutorial

Mold Making

Mold-making can be a very time-intensive process and requires patience and about $250 to get started. Mold making would be easy while 2 piece mold making gets a little bit intricate and fallible. A lot of mold making is waiting—waiting for the silicone to dry, waiting for the plaster to dry.

You can break these steps up into several days of work if it’s better for your schedule. This mold-making tutorial infographic teaches users how to make a two-piece silicone block mold step by step with concise and lucid images. The finished mold can be used for casting resin, wax, foam, and many other materials.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to reliably reproduce cast objects using a two-part silicone mold. This technique, when skillfully applied, can have incredible resolution, effectively cast very complex shapes, and can yield parts that need little cleanup.

This type of mold is most useful for parts that are fairly small, and therefore will not consume a massive amount of silicone to cast. To save material on large castings, techniques such as glove molding and matrix molding are often applied.

Infographic created by intoresin.com

2 Pieces Mold Making Tutorial

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