14 last minute Valentines Day Facebook Contest Ideas

Its getting into the second week of February 2014. In the following infographic by Socially Stacked, we look at 14 last minute Valentines Day Facebook Contest Ideas for all your fans. If your a marketer or a business owner, Valentines Day is a great opportunity to gain some eyeballs.

As the graphic states, in the US alone, people spend an estimated $18.6 billion on Valentines Day. There are goal driven contest ideas along with a difficulty scale of easy and slightly easy that categorises the contests. Valentines Day is regarded as the first “event” of the year. It retains a feel good theme, one where couples, friends and to be lovers forget and forgo all hassles and difficulties to spend time together.

A background on this day, Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine, is observed on February 14 each year. Celebrated in many countries around the world, it still remains a working day in most. The first kind of contest one can look at is to solve a content generation issue.

The solution? Use photos and videos by users to populate their media channels. Examples of such contests could be a Valentines Day video contest, Who’s your Valentine contest, Valentines Day Craft/Decoration contest and more.


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