Future of Technology: What are SMB’s Worried About?

Future of technology

With cyber-security attacks including WannaCry, NotPetya, and Dead Rabbit, affecting businesses across the globe, it’s clear that 2017 has experienced its fair share of high-profile data breaches.

It’s reasonable then, for SMBs to feel concerned about protecting their data against cyber-threats, but what else are they worried about when looking to the future?

From BYOD and cloud computing to artificial intelligence, SMBs are keen to utilize these new technologies in order to grow their businesses. But with new technology, comes new threats.

So, are SMBs most concerned about data breaches, rogue artificial intelligence or the use of genetic screening for employees?

To discover what SMB owners and employees are worried about in terms of future technology, AVG Business surveyed more than 100 small businesses about cyber security, privacy and artificial intelligence, to reveal the answer.

This research is presented in the form of an infographic which can be found below.