Zooming The Lens To Candid Wedding Photography


Candid wedding photography is all about capturing emotions in its purest and rawest form. There are no pretentious smiles and awkward poses. All you can see are emotions and expressions without any pretensions. When it comes to wedding, Candid wedding photography is the capturing of emotions, rituals and traditions without disturbing the bride, groom or the guests in any way. There are no synchronised line-ups for photographs, no awkward poses and no artificial smiles! 

The tale of candid photography dates back to 1920. The 35mm Leica camera was the first camera ever used for candid photography. In the coming years, we saw a rapid decline in the usage of monochrome and vintage photography. Instead, contemporary and candid photography started getting more popular. Candid photography is one in which the people are unaware that they are being clicked. This helps in capturing the real emotions. People nowadays realise the importance of capturing moments and traditions. This gave birth to the popularity and wide acceptance of candid photography.

Infographic source – https://www.wedid.in/

Candid Wedding Photography

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