Zomato: India According to Delhi Foodie

Tell us something that we do not already know.

Oh wait. The “Zomato: India According to Delhi Foodie” infographic does just that. However, it also brings up for questions or curiosities than answers. For example, the entire northeast area of the country is shown as preferring momos. We do not know for certain whether or not that is correct but we do know that in our visit to Bangalore, we were told by someone that Kolkata was well-known for Chinese food and that she loved momos. On the map, however, West Bengal–as well as Odisha–is shown as loving fish. This is certainly true, but there ought to have been a way to show that Bengalis love fish as well as momos.

Goa is shown as not preferring any food, and that they just want “booze and hot chicks”. This may be a stereotype, but the opposite of it is certainly true in Gujarat, which is a dry state. The dangers of that have been shown in several newspaper articles which relate that many people go to Daman & Diu, where they get riotously drunk, and that many people in Gujarat die because of illegal, contaminate and cheap alcohol (called “hooch”)

The map shows that the northernmost portion of the country loves spicy foods. Just the northernmost area? We went into a McDonald’s elsewhere, ordered the Chicken Maharaja, emphasized that we did not want it spick, but were told that it is spicy. We then ordered the McChicken burger, waited awhile for it, and concluded that it was made-to-order. However, if the burgers were made to order then why could they not make the Maharaja Burger non-spicy?

Likes: There is a lot of food for thought (pun intended).

Dislikes: There ought to have been a way to show overlapping preferences.

Zomato India

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