Youtube Trends

How did YouTube come into existence? Ever wondered? This infographic represents how was developed in the year 2005. It might as well have been the first of its kinds to have launched back then. But within the first month of creating its first video, YouTube was able to receive more than 8 million views per day. This establishes how our generation needed a video platform to get the videos out so much.
The facts and figures of YouTube clearly show how far YouTube has come in the past 10 years. Just like the success of Facebook, YouTube has created its own legend. With only a 19 second long video which was first uploaded, YouTube was able to fetch 1.963 million views.
Over the years, this favorite video-sharing platform of ours has been increasing its features and now the subtexts can be translated into 51 different languages. Are you internet savvy? Have you ever stopped to see how long you spend on YouTube per day? Statistics say an average person cannot leave YouTube without spending at least 17 minutes there.
This infographic shows the first five glorious years of YouTube, which have set records. Now what follows is a history that speaks for itself. Check this out.

youtube infographic


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