Worst Times to Drive

We have actually discovered a webpage devoted to jokes about women and bad driving.

However, there are some objectively real and dangerous times to drive and these are shown in the “Worst Times to Drive” infographic. There is a plethora of graphs and information available in it, too much to adequately discuss in this short article.

However, perhaps the most intriguing and useful one is the first graph, which shows the average fatal crashes for each hour of the day. It shows that in the first half of the day, there are a virtually equal number of deaths at each hour regardless of whether it is a weekday or the weekend. However, starting at 1 pm, there is a noticeable disparity, which becomes greatest at 6 pm and later.

This graph also shows that the greatest number of deaths come not during rush hour or office hours–when there are observationally the most amount of vehicles on the roads–but at 1 pm and at 9 pm on the weekends. On weekdays, the highest number of deaths occurs at noontime. The graph also reveals that the relatively safest time to drive is at 11 pm on a weekday.

An equally intriguing graph is the fatality rate graph. In terms of hard numbers–and as described above–9 pm produces the largest number of deaths, while there are fewer number of deaths in the early morning hours. However, in terms of percentages–and as shown in the fatality rate graph–it is almost the opposite. If you are driving at 9 pm (and up through midnight) then your chances for dying in a crash are actually lower than that if you were driving in the very early morning.

Likes: The two sections described above are probably the best and most useful.

Dislikes: The “alcohol-impaired” section is the most difficult to see and to discern.

The Online Driving University, a provider of online drivers ed classes is pleased to present the following infographic, Worst Times to drive. When is the most dangerous time to be on the road? According to our sources October is the most dangerous month for teen car accidents with reports noting a 15% increase in incidents compared to other months! Check out all the information below, leave a comment and share with a friend!

Online Drivers Education and the Worst Time to Drive

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