Best and Worst Celebrity Fashion Brands

There are many celebrities who have come up with their own fashion lines. While a few have made it to the top most stores and a few fashion lines, created by celebrities have bombed only within two years. There are celebrities like Madonna, Gwen Stefani, etc whose fashion labels are a big hit. In this infographic titled, “Best and Worst Celebrity Fashion Brands,” you will see celebrities whose fashion labels were a hit and celebrities whose fashion labels tanked.

Though, Sarah Jessica Parker was shown as a fashion icon in the Sex and the City series, her fashion label, “Get Bitten,” tanked in real life. Her line of clothing was sold at the store, “Steve & Barry’s,” and this retail store too went bankrupt within a year. Heidi Montag’s clothing line too was discontinued from a retail store after one year when the clothes on the shelf were never sold even after one year. Lauren Conrad’s clothing line too was unsuccessful and her career in the clothing line was shut after selling her designed clothing at the Bloomingdale’s store.

On the other hand, celebrities like Jessica Simpson have a very successful clothing empire. Her line of clothes have hit across sixty four stores making billions of dollars per year. Singer Jay-Z too collaborated with Damon Dash and co-founded a clothing line in the year, 1999 and it was a massive hit by the year 2005. Who can forget Victoria Beckham’s clothing line that makes nearly eight billion dollars per year.


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