World Trade Center Reborn

We all know about the World Trade Center tragedy. This beautiful building melted away and burned down to ashes. But have you ever wondered what would it be like to create the same building once again? How much would it cost and how much would it require putting in efforts to recreate the majestic building all over again. This infographic titled “World Trade Center Reborn” will amaze you with the details that it contains as to what would it be like to rebuild the World Trade Center.

This infographic is quite creative and imaginative. This takes you through the initial stages of the World Trade Center structure, features the site before and after the 9/11 attack and also the proposed project. The facts about the proposed building have been wonderfully described in this interesting infographic.

Everything about the proposed WTC building can be learnt from this infographic. The number of floors, the costs involved, the work force needed and details about the 9/11 memorial have been featured in this infographic. To know more, go through this creative infographic. This infographic hasn’t been loaded with text. It is simple, has been designed with careful planning and summarizes the important facts and figures in a pretty alluring manner. You wouldn’t get bored going through this one. You would certainly love going through the proposed World Trade Center facts and figures.

Likes: An interesting topic, quite colorful, simple to comprehend, wonderful layout.

Dislikes: Overall, quite an interesting infographic.

World Trade Center Reborn


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