8 Commonly Misused Words

There are a lot of words in the English language that get misused, especially by the non-English speakers. Even the native English speakers sometimes might end up mixing these words for another and the meaning of the entire sentence changes.

Not just words but also misplaced or omitted grammatical punctuation can entirely change the meaning of a sentence. Accept and Except are one of the most common misused words. In this infographic titled, “Words You Misuse” you will see with examples the most common set of words misused.

Many simple words are often misused changing the flow and beauty of language. While studying any language, getting the correct grammar and knowing how to use words in that language becomes significant. For you to be an effective communicator in English, you must know the difference between commonly used and misused words so that you can avoid making mistakes in future.

Many a times you might end up making these petty mistakes in documents that are important. For example, if you are making a request to the dean of any University for an admission, then your written communication needs to be impeccable. If you are corresponding through the mail professionally, then too your written communication needs to be in place. Especially in a professional sphere, people are narrowly judging your every aspect, and the most important being your oral and written communication.


Good examples of the most common words misused.


Not much to dislike. A pretty simple and a clear infographic that depicts words commonly misused.

8 Commonly Misused Words


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