Wordpress.Org vs Free Wordpress.Com

If you are a blogger who uses WordPress then there are certain basic things you can know about WordPress. There is a difference using wordpress.org and wordpress.com. In this infographic titled, “WordPress Blog” you will know the difference between the two; and yes, they are not the same.

By default most of the bloggers use wordpress.com and they get a subdomain URL for their wordpress blog. Your blog will always have a suffix of wordpress.com after the name of your blog. This will just act like a web page and will not have fully functional features of a website. To get a website, you can use the WordPress webhosting service which is wordpress.org. Using this web hosting service, you can have full control over your website, content, layout, revenues generated from the ads that you display and sell on this website. Only that you alone will be responsible to generate traffic on your website. WordPress.org will not help you do that.

If you use a blog based on wordpress.com, you might not have full control over the layout, plugins, scripts, and ads that get displayed on your blog as WordPress.com will choose that for you. Also, you will have to purchase any themes that you like if you are not willing to use the free themes that are already available on their website for your blog.


Good information for all the bloggers to know the difference between the two.


None as such. Very useful for bloggers and web savvy people.

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Wordpress Blog

courtesy: wpbeginner.com

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