Women on the Front Lines

Women have almost established themselves in all fields. They are no longer restricted to the four corners of their homes. They have pushed their boundaries and have established themselves in interesting career fields. One of the most fascinating fields in which women are growing increasingly in number is the field of armed forces. This infographic titled “Women on the Front Lines” reveals the increase in the number of women who are actively participating in activities of the armed forces.

Female soldiers are no longer a rare sight for the community. These gutsy women have pushed themselves and are establishing themselves in an area which was once considered to be the task of men. American women have entered the modern warfare arena. This interesting infographic points out amazing facts about women soldiers that would leave you baffled.

The facts and figures in this infographic have been mentioned amazingly. You would be amazed to see how women have crept into this field thus proving that women are not just limited to certain fields. They no longer need to be protected. They can brilliantly play the role of the protectors of the nation as well.

Check this cool infographic for some interesting facts and figures about women soldiers. The amazing thing to ponder over is that these women are quite living a normal life with family and kids. The problems faced by them have also been mentioned in this infographic.

Likes: An interesting topic, good coverage of facts and figures.

Dislikes: Could’ve included more points, plus this infographic only shows the role of women in the American army.

Women of War Infographic


Courtesy: Good.is

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