WiseBarber’s Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing as a Man

Men Self-Grooming Skills

Men Self-Grooming Skills

Let’s face it. Men must possess basic skills. Whether it’s as simple as replacing a blown light bulb or as complicated as surviving the end of the world. Generally, a lot of responsibility often falls to men when something goes wrong or requires fixing.

And so, the main question here is, “Are you prepared for any unexpected eventualities?” Not sure? Well, this WiseBarber guide lists a few skills that every man should possess in 2021.

1. Self-Grooming Skills

Most people agree that the biggest and most important skill is taking care of yourself. You can’t brag about being a competent camper, plumber, and so on if you don’t know how to self-style. Now, grooming for men is a multifaceted activity. It involves cutting your own hair, trimming a beard, oral hygiene, skin care, and using styling products for the best looks.

That’s why it’s important to know how to self-groom properly; especially, after the inconveniences and lockdowns that were brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. I know you may be wondering, “Isn’t self-cutting hair a complicated process?” No. In fact, there are several cool-looking and easy-to-achieve men’s hairstyles you can try at home.

2. Basic Home Repair Skills

This is a bit straightforward. You should know how to fix things around your home. This includes replacing blown light fixtures, fixing a plumbing leak, patching a leaking roof, repairing door handles, and so on.

Sometimes, it might be as simple as choosing and installing a suitable replacement for a broken mirror or window. However, make sure you know how to do these things safely. The last thing you want is to get injured or worsen the problem further.

3. Assembling and Installing New Furniture

Man Assembling Furniture

Are you an avid IKEA shopper? Well, regardless of your answer, most pieces of new furniture nowadays come dismantled. In other words, they require assembly and installation before use. As a man, you need to know how to read and execute an assembly manual.

The last thing you want is to spend money buying a bed or wall unit; then dishing out a few more bucks to hire someone to assemble it for you.

4. First Aid and CPR

We can all agree that it’s hard to predict when the next disaster will happen. One minute you are slowly cruising down the highway, enjoying the gentle breeze. The next, you’re helping someone – who’s been in an accident – out of the wreckage.

So, if you find yourself in such a predicament, would you be in a position to help the victim before the paramedics get there? No? Then it’s time to learn how to administer CPR and basic first aid. It could help you save a life one day.

5. Basic Survival Skills

Now, I know most of us have never been in a “do or die” situation that requires survival skills. In fact, a lot of what most people know about surviving a crisis comes from what we watch on TV. Anyway, regardless of how minor the chances of ever experiencing an alien invasion; or a global natural disaster; are, it helps to know how to survive.

For instance:

  • Knowing how to hunt, find, and cook food.
  • How to find and purify water.
  • How to start a fire without matches.
  • And how to build a shelter – just to mention a few.

Funnily enough, these survival skills will also come in handy when you want to go camping.

In summary, these WiseBarber tips are just a few of the many necessary skills that men need to possess. However, the best way to be prepared for any outcome is to learn as many things as possible.

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