Why Screen Recording is a Great Way to Save Online Videos


Online videos are everywhere nowadays, and more and more people are watching more and more hours of video on a daily basis. In fact as things stand over one billion hours of video are watched daily – on YouTube alone.

In no small part the popularity of online videos stems from the fact that watching streaming video is convenient and easy. The only exception to that is when you want to save them – which can present a bit of a challenge.

Most video platforms nowadays don’t provide an option to ‘save’ videos, or lock it behind a paywall or subscription. As such people often use alternatives methods, and one that has grown significantly in popularity is screen recording.

Screen recording is often viewed as one of the best ways to save online videos. The reason for that is simple, it provides benefits that other methods don’t:

  • Able to save online videos from any website, platform, or app

Most other options to save online videos attempt to let you download the video source through some means. Screen recording does not, and instead it records the video directly from your screen.

Because of that screen recording can be used universally to save any online videos, regardless of the website, platform, or app that they are published on. That differs from other options that can only download videos from websites and online platforms – not apps.

  • Not subject to any restrictions

Many other options to save online videos have restrictions and limit the file size, video quality, or duration of the videos that can be downloaded. In screen recording there are no restrictions whatsoever, and you can capture the video exactly as it appears on your screen.

  • Does not contain advertising or malware

Some of the online ‘video downloader’ websites are notorious for having lots of advertising, pop-ups, or even malware in certain cases. That makes it annoying or risky to use them, and often puts people off.

Needless to say that isn’t a concern with screen recording, as there is no advertising, pop-ups, or malware.

To be honest the only downside of screen recording is that it can take longer because the video will need to be played in its entirety in order to be recorded. However as you can see the benefits it provides outweigh this one inconvenience by a significant margin.

Some screen recorders make it even easier to record online videos by providing features to automate the recording. For example if you use Movavi Screen Recorder Studio as a HD video recorder you can set it to automatically start and stop recording at any time.

By now you should be able to see why screen recording is a great way to save online videos, and the reason why it is growing in popularity. That being said if you want to really see what it can do and how easy it is, you should try using it for yourself to save an online video.

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