Who’s Your Celebrity Valentine?

Who's Your Celebrity Valentine? 1

Are you looking to have Tom Hiddleston as your date this Valentine’s Day? Would you rather have a super romantic, intimate day with sweetheart Chris Hemsworth? Take this quiz to find out which celebrity would be your perfect Valentine’s date!

The following fun infographic quiz is naïve and one of a kind. The reason being that it asks for your choices and matches you with one of the four celebrities featured based on points. That’s different and unique.

The infographic quiz is quiet simple. It asks 7 questions with options and points allotted to every answer. The total points are added and the range is being labeled to the different celebrities. Celebrities mentioned include Thor fame Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, Tinie Tempah and the Rocking Johnny Depp.

The questions asked are basically common about the hair, accent, places to go etc.

So girls what are you waiting for…? Take up this fun quiz and find you perfect celebrity to go out this Valentine’s Day.

Likes: New concept infographic.

Dislikes: Questions could be extended.

Infographic produced by www.stylefruits.co.uk

Who is Your Celebrity Valentine ?
Who is Your Celebrity Valentine ?

Photo credit: shutterstock.com

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