Who is the Better Driver, Men or Women?

Who is the Better Driver, Men or Women? 1

Since cars have had a reverse gear there has always been an argument over who is the better driver, men or women? That question has now been answered, no arguing with the results this is all fact and science (well maybe not) but the boys over at Creditplus have researched the 3 key areas for driving prowess, The driving test, parking and accidents.

They looked at the results of the 1.6 million driving tests taken in 2011, and broke down those who passed into two groups, men and women. The parking test was conducted by NCP the car park operator, they tested on 4 different criteria to evaluate who are the better parkers. With the scores being all level after the first 2 tests we thought we better bring out the big guns for the decider.

Accidents – possibly the true measure of how well you drive, if you are not in accidents that should be a strong indicator that your driving is alright. So we looked at research showing how many serious accidents boys and girls had been involved in and the number of miles driven. Looking at these factors we were able to find the statistics that showed who had the most success in each area, boys or girls. Then when our research did not back up what we wanted to see we went one step further and thought up excuses as to why the boys failed to win.

As there are more male drivers than female drivers, 20 million men to 16.4 million women and men drive an average of 2,600 more than women a year the test is completely invalid and we are not playing any more.

If you would like to add your valid opinion (men only) or wild speculation (this is for you ladies) we would love to hear from you at source

Who is the Better Driver, Men or Women?

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