Infographic: Who Could You Beat Up

This infographic titled “Who Could You Beat Up” is a creative flow chart that explains who you could beat up based on certain circumstances. This flowchart begins with a simple case of a person being confronted in a dark alley. This flow chart branches into three categories asking the people what they would do in such a situation. Whether they would run away, stay and fight or leave no survivors.

If running away is the answer chosen by a person then the next question that pops up is whether a person is fit enough to run. If not a runner, then the flow chart questions people on their fighting style. Whether would fight like Vin Diesel, Star Wars kid or Battle Star Galactica kid.

This infographic is quite creative, interesting and funny. The cases considered here are practical and can actually help you to get an idea of how any situation would be if you actually get confronted in some dark alley. If you’ve never thought of what would you do while you get confronted in a dark alley, then you need to check out this infographic. It is cool, funny and at the same times provokes thoughts. The flow chart in this infographic is pretty simple to comprehend, but somehow ends abruptly not providing a clear picture.

Likes: Creative; flow chart simplifies the understanding

Dislikes: The end is abrupt, No clear conclusion has been provided

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Infographic: Who Could You Beat Up
Infographic: Who Could You Beat Up


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