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Whiplash in Car Accidents

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This infographic is to show the injuries that can occur in most common auto accidents and how whiplash forms. Whiplash is a common ailment from car accidents, affecting nearly one million Americans each year.

Whiplash is a generic term applied to injuries of the neck when the neck is suddenly jolted in one direction and then the other, creating a whip-like movement. We illustrated what causes whiplash, how to recognize it’s symptoms, and what you can do to prevent injury in the future.

By seeing this infographic, many Americans and others alike will be able to prevent whiplash and help others who have sustained a whiplash injury. Most people can recover from a whiplash injury within a few weeks but others may develop chronic pain that lasts for years. Being able to successfully prevent whiplash is information that everyone should have.

Whiplash in Car Accidents

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