Which College Degrees Fetch A Higher Salary

Education is very important to people. A college degree is quite vital for a wonderful career. A good college degree has an impact on your career and also influences how much money you make. This infographic is an ideal one for all school students out there who are confused which career path they wish to choose. This infographic titled “Which College Degrees Fetch a Higher Salary” covers all the necessary information about the degrees that promise you a high salary and the degrees that leave you in debt.

There a lot of degrees offered by educational institutes all across the globe. Engineering and basic sciences, commerce and field of arts are the top courses people opt for world wide. This infographic guides you with the information about the investment you need to make into a degree and also tells you which degree pays you back.

A graphical representation of the degree and the median salary as well as the mid-career median salary offered to the graduates possessing the degree has been provided in this infographic. A tabulation of top 10 US colleges by graduate mid-career salaries has also been done. You need to check out the information about the degrees that leave you in debt if you wish to be careful about making the right career choice. Overall, this infographic is a great one on career guidance.

Likes: Quite informative, good tabulation of data, good use of graphical tools.

Dislikes: More factors could’ve been considered

Which College Degrees Fetch A Higher Salary

Courtesy: mycollegesandcareers.com

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