Where Not to Put Your Shower Beer

Where Not to Put Your Shower Beer 1

The experience of an ice-cold beer during a piping hot shower is arguably one of the quickest and easiest ways to cool off after a hectic day. Apart from just cracking open a beer can while you are in the shower, the entire process requires a little more technique and skill than what meets the eye. Take for example, all the various factors at play: how soapy your hands get, how large your bathroom is, how many products you use during a bath and the all-important one- where to actually place your beer during your shower.

Which is why this super infographic from the guys at Shakoolie.com is a great little guide for anyone look to maximize their shower experience with a beer. According to their website, Shakoolie is built on a simple principle— they don’t let a little thing like showering get in the way of drinking beers, and let you enjoy your favorite canned beverages in the shower. Cheers to that!

Funny and creatively presented in bright, vibrant colours, the graphic starts straight out with busting the common myths- where not to place your shower beer. Think the floor is a great place for your beer while you are soaping yourself silly? Think again. According to the guys at Shakoolie, the shower floor tops the list of worst places to put your beer. Apart from running the risk of the can getting soapy, excess water could drip into your beer, making the entire experience a giant fail.

Coming up a close second, is the shower caddy. It seems super convenient, right? It is at the perfect height, with a good arms distance and it’s far enough from the shower to keep the excess water away. However, with your hands full of soap suds, reaching for your beer can that is right next to the shampoo and conditioner in the rack could prove fairly cumbersome. Apart from just being a pain, you run the big risk of accidentally flavouring your beer with some of your bath products. One piece of advice: steer clear of the caddy!

So that’s no to the shower floor and no to the caddy. Leaving you with some pretty limited choices. What’s the most obvious one after these two? Why, the adjacent toilet of course! Whoops! Maybe not.
According to the Shakoolie infographic, a true shower beer is one that is stored and consumed in the shower area. Apart from the trouble of constantly reaching in and out, the mess that this entire process will leave you with, is not something you want to deal with. Soapy toilet plus messy floor equals a recipe for a disaster.

Wondering how to turn this thing around? Don’t can the canned beverages! Check out the easy-to-navigate Shakoolie site that tells you how and where to store your beer during your shower.

Shower Beer Infographic

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