When Should You Drop Your Cards While Playing Rummy?


The game of online Rummy is something which needs to be played with clinical precision. A small mistake by a player can cost him dearly. Since the game is played for real cash and lots at stake, one needs to be careful before he makes every move. A player needs to know the nuances of the game leaving no room for ambiguities. Your mind should prompt you quickly what you should do and what you should not do. It is, therefore, important for you not only to know the rules of the game properly but also you should know how to apply them. One such technique which people quite often find it difficult to apply is the art of “dropping.” When you play Rummy, dropping is probably the biggest cover that you get when you find yourself in a tight corner, not able to form anything out of the cards in hand. So let us now see in detail as to what the term “drop” generally means as far as online Rummy is concerned and how and when to execute it.

What is a “drop?”

A drop is nothing but opting out of a particular game when you find yourself in a disastrous situation carrying unfriendly cards not worthy enough to form a pure sequence. Now before going further about what the term dropping is all about, it must be understood that a person can never hope of winning a game if he is unable to form a pure sequence. The prime objective of the game is to form at least two sequences one of which must be a pure sequence and the remaining cards can be used to form sequences and sets. So, if the prime objective itself remain unfulfilled then there is no point in holding the cards, isn’t it? This is where you decide whether to drop or carry on with the game.

What if one does not drop the game?

The important thing that one has to understand is the unique scoring system of online Rummy. Unlike other games where holding maximum points make you the winner, in online Rummy holding maximum points make you lose the game. So, your prime objective should be to unburden yourself from carrying high value cards, failing which you will find yourself loaded with more points when your opponent declares. So, dropping is an essential rule which a player must know while playing online Rummy.

So, when should a person drop the game?

It is important to know when one should apply this strategy effectively. Now, here is where your calculation ability comes into play which lets you to conclude whether to drop or continue with the game. Soon after the cards are dealt to you, you should know whether you will have an opportunity to form a pure sequence and whether you have at least a joker in hand which gives you a hope of forming an impure sequence at least. If none of these two scenarios work in your favour and if you feel opponents are running away with the game at the initial stages itself, it is better to drop the game. By dropping so at the beginning, you get to earn only 20 points. This is what you should do once you are confronted with a very bad hand. This is what is called a “first drop” in Rummy terms. However, it is not that you should decide to drop at the beginning itself. If you feel you can keep yourself on the hunt for a few more moves, you can just go ahead and opt to drop the game in the middle. This is called “middle drop” in Rummy terms which can cost you just 40 points. You should do this when you find the value of the unmatched cards in your hand exceeds the 40 points that a middle drop fetches you. By doing so, you move to the next round with comparatively a fewer points.

So that’s all about “dropping” which is one of the important strategies one should know before you download Rummy games for hassle free playing on android phone. Again, it is not must that you should drop the game by pressing the drop button in online Rummy. It is just a Rummy strategy which you can use to turn the game in your favour when you feel you are not confident. Last but not the least, it is not must to play all hands in online Rummy. Whenever you feel that an advantage is gained by you over your opponent you can drop the game, leaving him confused about your game plan.

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