What Kind of Gold Necklace Do You Really Need?



Jewellery is like ice-cream in that there is always room for more. To add to it, what better thing to invest on than jewellery which gives you good returns? It is truly quipped that gold is emblematic of elegance and sophistication. However before you hustle off to deck yourself with newer designs it is imperative that you understand the thin line between duplicate counterfeits and the original piece. After all- all that glitters is not gold.

The two most confusing simulacrums of solid gold necklace sets is a gold plated necklace or one which is almost hollow. In both these cases, although the price is significantly lower, it comes with certain implications. A gold plated necklace will almost inevitably show signs of wearing off with repeated use and thereby exposing the cheaper metal beneath the varnish. Checkout the necklace with picture – getnamenecklace.

When this happens the owner is left with no choice but to replace the jewellery for another session of polishing which adds to unnecessary expenses. The bottom-line remains that solid jewellery will always serve the test of time.

When it comes to the lustre and purity an important fact has to be kept in mind before the purchase is made. The more the purity, the lesser the durability. So if you are planning to accessorize with a gold chain on a quotidian basis you might want to stick to the humbler ten or fourteen Ct. which won’t scratch easily as compared to the heavier twenty or twenty-two Kt.

Some customers have however testified to be intensely allergic to nickel alloys. If you are sensitive to the same you might just want to avoid ten Ct since it has a higher percentage of Nickel and instead choose ten or fourteen Ct.

Particular designs also determine a typical chain’s longevity and life span. For instance if you are an admirer of the simpler herringbone or the flat chain and prefer to use it on a regular basis, chances are they might show breakage earlier than expected.

The snake chain is another example which constantly clings to clothes, twists easy and then breaks with almost no misuse or stringency. If you like pairing your gold necklaces with a chic pendant, take measures to buy a chain thick enough to buttress the additional weight of it, for instance- the wheat chain or the box chain.

Most importantly, the relative smoothness of every design determines how innocuous it would be to the bare skin. If a necklace is uneven and is marked with really rough edges it could be hoarding chances of allergic skin, itching, burnings and other irritations. Lastly, a sturdy clasp over a gold chain for women balances the whole thing and secures the precious adornment right where it belongs.

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