What Football Team Should I Root For?

American Football is undoubtedly one of the most loved sports not just in America. It is also quite popular in some European nations. Not all nations all over the world have football teams of their own. In this case, how would you decide which team should you root for? Isn’t this quite confusing?

This infographic titled “What Football Team Should I Root For?” can make your task easier. If you still don’t have a favorite American football team then you must check out this infographic to find out which team should you cheer when you’re enjoying the game out with your friends.

This infographic is quite interesting. It is in form of a flow chart. There isn’t boring text in this infographic for you to read through. All you need to do is to follow the flow chart and your task will be simplified. This infographic is quite hilarious and entertaining at the same time. You must certainly go through this one to help you choose which football team you must be rooting for.

Only the logos of the team have been featured in this infographic. The flow is good and you wouldn’t get lost amidst the flow chart. This is creative, simple, unique and fun to check out at the same time. Whether you’re a Football fan or not, you can check this cool infographic out just for some fun. If you’re supporting a home team, then check out how your favorite team has been described!

Likes: A cool topic, creative, the flowchart has been created brilliantly.

Dislikes: May seem a little clumsy.

Infographic: football team should I choose?

Courtesy: Interpretationbydesign.com

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