What do People Think of Spam?

What do people think of spam? They don’t think of spam at all, that is why the spam sits in the spam folder. But yes, the tech savvy people do think of spam, that is why they created a spam folder so that the unnecessary junk mail goes directly into the spam folder. In this informative infographic titled, “What do People Think of Spam” you will see some information about how people treat and react to spam.

There are ways your anti-virus detects a spam email and sends it to the spam folder. Though some spam might contain your first name and a last name making it look legitimate, still the content can be fake and contain gibberish. Most of the anti-virus software installed on your computer can detect for spam that contains virus, malware, etc, and you can keep your inbox clean by installing this software.

Do not click on the links sent in the spam emails. There are different ways people keep their inbox free from spam. They install the latest version of anti-spyware and anti-virus software that they update regularly. They give out their email addresses to lesser number of people. You can easily detect spam from its subject line, content, bad grammar, spelling mistakes, etc. You could accidently open the spam sometimes to unsubscribe, this is often the mistake most of the users commit.


Some insights about how spam is treated by most of the users, very detailed.


Nothing particular, everyone who values their privacy should have a look at it.

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Spam Infographic

Courtesy: soshable.com >> flowtown.com

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