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What do BBA universities in India have to offer?


With a massive growth in education over the last few decades, there has been a parallel spike in the number of universities offering various degrees all over the country. For students from commerce background, BBA universities in India offer programs which are fundamental and popular options to consider.

The three-year program introduces foundational management concepts like marketing, financial exchange, market chain, product analysis and investment. It thus becomes essential for further education and research in the form of MBA and also a successful and bright career in the corporate world with a steep upward growth.

The list of BBA universities in India is too long to keep up with and hence, it becomes important to analyse and narrow down to the perfect fit for any student. What really makes a university stand out? To understand that, we first need to jot down the various aspects of a college. Some essentially outweigh others in certain aspects.

Himgiri Zee University has one of the most optimised course structures and infrastructure. Through its unique tie-up with Sunstone Eduversity, it provides guaranteed placements and internships in big MNCs across the nation with a highly-specialised course and “Pay after placement” policy where a student only needs to pay the fee after they are placed, which is calibrated with the salary offered by the hiring company.

The parameters to be considered while assessing BBA universities in India are:

  • Faculty – Teachers are the most important representative figures for students and hence, they should be knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle the responsibility of blooming freshers and igniting curiosity in them. A good faculty brings about change in the thinking and approach of students and inspires them to touch greater heights. IIM Rohtak has one of the top teaching and visiting faculty in the country with lecturers coming from IIMs and IITs.
  • Course Curriculum – The course of a college and what it constitutes carries theory and ideas from the past and prospects from the future to build a universal aptitude towards management and businesses, giving the ability to ask complex questions and simultaneously to answer with practical solutions. Himgiri Zee University brings to the students a teaching experience which stretches beyond the mundane and obvious and encourages originality and individualism. Their partnership with leading patrons of the industry like Sunstone Eduversity shows the inclination towards developing hands-on experiences for the students.
  • Infrastructure – The surrounding environment affects a student directly at the most fundamental level. From classrooms and libraries to hostels and canteens, all aspects add to the growth of the students in one way or another. It is important to choose wisely according to personal emphasis on these aspects. Himgiri Zee University does not allow any margin of error in this department. Classrooms equipped with projectors, fast wi-fi network across the campus, clean and comfortable hostels and nutritious mess food, all make sure the students won’t have anything to worry about other than bringing out their best output.
  • Placements – At the end of the day, all BBA courses in India become about what you can take back from the textbooks and understand the importance of professional job environments which come with a decent amount of money to grow through application of the skills acquired. Sunstone Eduversity in association with major colleges like Himgiri Zee University and Rathinam college, Coimbatore and through its extensive 15-month classroom learning and “pay after placement” model, ensures that every student experiences the dynamic job environment.

Which specialisation should one choose?

Almost all BBA universities in India offer some fundamental courses and specialisations which are staple for understanding management and businesses. It becomes crucial to pick the field which is not only appealing but also provides ample opportunities in terms of future studies and corporate jobs. But don’t worry, no matter how long the list is, we have laid out some of the things one can make a career in, under each specialisation below:

  • BBA in Sales and Marketing– Marketing executive, Advertising manager, Market analyst, Product manager and Sales executive.
  • BBA in Finance– Financial analyst, Business analyst, Finance officer, Tax assistant and Investment banker.
  • BBA in Information technology– Graphic designer, Information architect, Business Intelligence specialist, Web template designer and Network expert.
  • BBA in HR– HR manager, HR consultant, PR manager, Admin executive and Technical recruiter.
  • BBA in Foreign trade– Retail manager, Export manager, Supply chain manager and marketing research executive.


These are just a drop in the ocean of possibilities after a BBA graduation, but it is important to know where you are headed in the real world, what desk you are sitting at, and which type of people you are interacting with, even if in the slightest of knowledge. Sunstone Eduversity removes this pressure off you with their extremely detailed programs with leading universities from CT University, Ludhiana to Himgiri Zee University, which not only exposes you to wider avenues but also emphasises on a placement-oriented approach.

Make a calculated decision considering all the parameters mentioned and watch your administrative and management career take flight!