What are Nachos

Nachos was invented by a Mexican foodie, Nachos Anaya in the year 1943. He then popularized nachos in Los Angeles, and since then Nachos found its way in movie theatres and most of the food centres that served snacks. In this infographic titled, “What are Nachos” you will see some interesting facts about how nachos came into being and what does nachos contain.
A traditional, old school recipe of nacho contains only cheese and jalapenos. But the modern recipe contains salsa, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos and lettuce. It is a fun Mexican food popular almost in most of the food joints across the world. They are served with salsa dips that are spicy and tangy in taste. Nachos are tortillas that are fried and relished with these dips.
In this infographic you will see how mathematically the awesomeness of nachos is represented through a Venn diagram. Unless you are a math geek, you wouldn’t have the slightest idea about a Venn diagram, therefore, you wouldn’t know why the text goes in two circles. Even if you are a foodie, you wouldn’t want a lot of mathematics around it. All you would do is relish it as and when you want. Nachos are not as bad as most of the other junk foods. So, you can eat them often without worrying too much about your gut, unless it is sensitive.
The recipe of a nacho, traditional and modern through a pie chart.
Could have used better color combination and a better layout.

Nacho Infographic


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