Wedding On Your Mind – Here’s How Instagram Can Help You Spread The Word

Wedding On Your Mind - Here's How Instagram Can Help You Spread The Word 1

Wedding On Your Mind - Here's How Instagram Can Help You Spread The Word 2


Have you been spending months planning a wedding? Have you been focusing on every minor detail to make sure everything is perfect just like your wedding dress, flower, decor, linens, tablecloth and chair covers? It is normal to do this and a lot more, considering the fact that this is one of the most special days in anyone’s life.

People invest a lot in making this a memorable day and do everything they can to celebrate it well with their friends and families. Now, the trend has gone even further, and most people have taken their promotions to social media as well. This has resulted in a lot more positive traction towards the bride and groom. If you want to do the same and have an A-game when it comes to spreading the word about your marriage, fear no more. Follow these tips and pave your way through a viral social media page!

1. Make an IGTV Video

IGTV videos are the latest introduction in Instagram’s new video formats. Initially, all videos on Instagram could not exceed the duration of one minute. Since Instagram largely marketed itself as a photo-heavy application, videos were allowed, but restricted to a short duration. These could be posted alongside the regular pictures that one could upload.

Wedding On Your Mind - Here's How Instagram Can Help You Spread The Word 3

But with the changing times, Instagram has changed its formats and now allows videos of extremely long durations on its IGTV feed. For your wedding promotion, you can do an entire pre-wedding video shoot and put it up on your IGTV.

These videos can also include short skits or random and funny videos that you think might be considered as good content to go up on your page.

2. Promote Your Website Through Stories

Almost all modern couples do this- they make a website about their wedding that includes the details of the venue, time, date, and other things that the guests can view. These websites act as the one-stop destination for your guests in case they want to know something about you.

This website obviously needs promotion, and the word needs to be spread about it as much as possible, which is why you can put up stories from time to time informing your followers of the existence of a website you have created where they can find everything they want to know about your wedding. It is as hip and trendy as it comes and an innovative way for people to look at weddings.

3. Interact With Similar Pages

When you dig deep through Instagram, you will find that there are many pages on the application that are mainly revolving around weddings. Be it, wedding planners, designers, caterers, or venue owners, everyone has an online presence on Instagram.

Not only this, but there are also many pages dedicated to just the creative aspects of a wedding and looking at how people promote and spread the word about their weddings in an innovative manner.

You could get in touch with these pages, tell them what you are doing differently, and if they like it, they might even feature you! This is probably one of the fastest ways to get a lot of traction from the type of audience you need considering these people might be following the pages that feature you.

4. Use SEO Tools

When all you want to do is spread the word about your wedding, the best way to do it is the way marketers promote their brands or products. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one tool that is used many agencies to promote things better on social media. Using SEO involves inserting certain keywords in your content that will help you raise visibility when a person looks for related content.

Searching these keywords can be a task, but it is easy once you get the hang of it, it is relatively easy and fun. Think about basic terms that a person interested in weddings will look for and accordingly incorporate these keywords in your content.

5. Make Video Invitations

A lot of people invest a large amount of money when it comes to invitations. After all, it is probably the first thing a guest will see when they hear of the wedding. Due to this, the focus has always been on making the invitations perfect.

But there is something you can do entirely different in terms of invitations. When everyone else is sending in physical invitations, you can go a step further and actually make video invitations. These videos can be extremely entertaining, creative, and send the message across better since they are in video form.

You can record certain clippings, insert slides of details regarding the venue, date, and time and combine all of these using an Instagram video editor online. These editors are extremely easy to use. After you have finished editing the video, you can upload it on Instagram.

These types of invitations have a lot of advantages. Some of them include the ease of sharing the video, the fact that you have done something new and different, the way it is a lot more interactive than a regular invitation, and so on.

6. Keep Posting and Engaging

One of the most important things in spreading the word online about anything you do is that you should know how to keep posting content so that people remember you.

For this, one of the main things you can do is to keep posting constantly. Be it any wedding-related content, something about yourself, some other page’s content that you liked, keep on posting it, and make sure you keep on popping up on your followers’ feed.

To do this, engaging with fellow creators and followers is also important. Be in touch with everyone, and constantly engage in liking and commenting on other posts. Keep it simple and creative.


There are many ways in which planning a wedding can be tough. But now, with the rise of being relevant on social media, the pressure has increased a lot. That is why websites like InVideo have now come up with a number of features that can easily be used by a layman to make videos and edit them.

Using their numerous templates and intro outro makers, this website is sure to fulfill all of your creative needs without hiring any professionals. So, without any further ado, start planning that wedding and promoting it all over Instagram!

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