Vivid Memories | 9 Ways to Make Your Autumn Brighter



Autumn is a beautiful time of year. For some it is a period of joy, enjoying the beauty of yellow and red leaves, fascinating thematic online slot machines, and for some, it is a time of confusion, sadness, and mild depression. In any case, autumn has a special atmosphere, whose miraculous power is hard to deny, especially on those warm days when we are surrounded by the beauty of nature, sunshine, and the fragrant smell of dry leaves. Autumn is a time for nostalgia. Leave the gloom and sadness behind, because you are surrounded by extraordinary beauty, just be able to consider it.

If simple and ordinary autumn joys are still not enough for you to make autumn memorable and interesting, we offer you 10 ways to make autumn brighter.

Collect a Herbarium

During a leisurely walk, you can find a variety of leaves and plants of amazing autumnal beauty. Just imagine: from dried leaves and flowers in a notebook or book, you create colorful and unusual compositions. Such pictures will not only decorate your room but also leave an indelible mark in your memory. If you have young children, younger sisters, brothers, or nephews, get them involved in this activity too, you’ll be surprised how much they will love it.

Write a Story, Poem, or Make a Picture

Creativity is always inspiring, and fall is more conducive to that than ever. In the fall season, like any other time of year, there are several ways to summon the muse. If it is still warm and not raining outside, go to a park or any other beautiful place, find a secluded place with a beautiful view, preferably away from people who will distract you from a kind of meditation. Inspiration is drawn from nature, which generously gives it to us. But if the weather conditions do not allow to get out into nature, cozy up at home with a cup of warm tea. Play slow music, which puts you in a special lyrical mood. This, for example, can be compositions by the French composer and pianist Eric Satie (Gnossienne 1, 3, 4, 6, and others). You will get an unforgettable state and joy from your creative endeavors and successes.

Take an Autumn Photoshoot

Yellow and red tree leaves will perfectly complement your image with fall colors. You don’t have to roll around on the ground and toss leaves as many people do. Show your imagination and come up with an unusual image for your or someone else’s photos. And there are so many beautiful places to take pictures.

Have an Out-of-the-Ordinary Evening

Do you remember the last time you had a candlelit dinner? No? Here and your other half probably already forgot about it. Surprise her! Prepare a festive dinner, dim the lights, turn on the jazz and spend an unforgettable evening in a romantic setting. No soulmate? Invite your friends! Organize a sushi party or a movie night with popcorn and beer. Make mulled wine in the end – a glass or two of hot wine and your evening will surely cease to be languid.

Get Outdoors

Take advantage of the good weather – get a group together and get out in nature. This can be as simple as a picnic or a walk or a planned trip. Go for walks in the park, rest in the mountains – anything you can think of.

Go Out to the Woods for Mushrooms

A walk can be not only enjoyable but also useful. In this case, you will gather mushrooms that can be cooked or dried. Even if you do not manage to gather a full basket, the time will not be wasted: health benefits are guaranteed. After all, the forest has healing air, which at least once in a while is so necessary for our bodies.

Ride a Bicycle

When was the last time you rode a bike? Do you remember the gentle headwind? And the rush of energy you feel long after your bike ride? Whatever your answer, it’s worth experiencing that good feeling again. If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one.

Horseback Riding

If you want to feel like a horseman and a ruler of a powerful force you should take a ride on a horse. These feelings are not for the faint-hearted, because horses are docile animals, but capricious. The main thing in this case – to find an approach to the animal, and then you can safely manage it. You can choose if you want to ride a horse or a pony with children or organize a romantic horseback ride for two, but don’t doubt that you and your companion will be pleased with the pastime.

Halloween Party

All Saints Day, commonly known as Halloween, is a great excuse to throw a party. You can dress up in a spooky vampire, skeleton, witch, or ghoul costume, paint your face with dark colors, walk around the apartment and collect candy, arrange contests, and most importantly – scare your friends. But if you don’t feel like celebrating the day that way, you can throw a horror movie or thriller movie night, because Halloween is a great way to do it.

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