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Americans are mostly tired of the news organizations. They perceive news to be serving them only tasteless, negative information, while they could give them access to much more positive information which is happening around the world. Due to this perception of the news organizations, many are boycotting the news mediums altogether. Their belief is that news is primarily a part of a larger conspiracy against them to brainwash them. But that is a thing for later, meanwhile, is it really true that America has boycotted its news media? Studies show otherwise.

According to this infographic called “Views on the News”, America is more dependent on its news more than they are dependent on their government or their corporations. It is no hidden fact that the Americans do not trust their government fully, that is the reason there are conspiracy theories like “Area 51” and what not going around. But one thing is for sure, America has claimed time and again that they never trust their media. But this infographic shows otherwise, it says that compared to other forms of information, America still trusts the news organizations.

What comes to their mind the most when talking of news organizations? Most people have voted CNN, while FOX news has followed closely after that. There is also a graph comparing the charts of 1985 to 2011. According to this chart, as time has passed, people’s trust has diminished. They believe that all these news information are always influenced by powerful people and organizations.


Very clean representation.


We would’ve like more information and statistics.

While Americans have an increasingly negative opinion of news organizations, they still trust the media more than the government or corporations. Here, this infographic created with GOOD examines the public’s relationship with their news providers in more depth.

News Infographic

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