Value of SEO vs. PPC


When you use SEO services for your business or your personal blogs, you can expect more than eighty percent of conversion rates on your products or content. That is the power of SEO services, as the conversion rates are very high. Also, most of the users do not search beyond the second page of Google search pages displayed. Therefore, it is less likely that users will click on the paid ads in the web page of links that are advertisements. Even the ad links displayed next to the Google search results have very less conversion rates compared to the links that are leveraged with SEO techniques.

In this infographic titled, “Value of SEO vs. PPC”, you will see how SEO is more effective in driving businesses to profits compared to PPC programs. SEO services take care of the entire marketing of your website and products and they are very consistent in their services.

The page rank of your website will be enhanced in no time and if you continue to choose SEO over PPC, you can also make it to the top results of Google search in the relevant area in an organic way, without paying for advertisements. It is because of the affordable and reliable services of SEO, that most of the companies across the world are opting to use SEO over the PPC campaigns.


Clear depiction on how SEO is more profitable compared to PPC.


Not an infographic a layman would understand.



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