Used Golf Balls

Established in 2005 by Casper Blom, aged 19, is an Internet based business where you can purchase golf balls, equipment and accessories. This infographic by is purely educative, and seeks to inform people about various types of used golf balls.

Golfers of the golfing community are somewhat similar to whisky drinkers. Not everyone has the resources to play golf. Members of this group impress upon other sports people as elite but extremely passionate. In every close knit and niche community, its members form associations and impressions of the various factors that symbolize it. For instance, a lead guitarist is extremely particular about the strings he purchases, the plectrum he plays his guitar with and so on.

It is much the same situation in golf and this infographic is a timely reminder to any budding golfer that he or she should not be embarrassed to buy used golf balls.  One’s golf balls do not necessarily have to be in mint condition for usage. It is very common to see used golf balls in golf courses all over the world. defines four clear categories of used golf balls – and what level of golf player those grades are suitable for.

  • Mint-Like Balls

These like they are just fresh out of the case, similar to a completely unused ball.

  • Near Perfect Balls (Grade A)

It is almost like a new ball, but has some scuff marks on it. Any level of player can use these kind of balls.

  • Little Flawed Balls (Grade B)

These may still be shiny, but have minor flaws and marks too. The brand logo maybe washed off completely. It suits amateur players perfectly.

  • Very Used Ball (Grade C)
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This is the lowest grade of golf ball and it is suitable for only golf practice. It has several scuff marks all over and the sheen is completely lost.

There are 3 more useful statistics also towards the end of this infographic –

  1. 95% of  golf players cannot tell the difference between a lake and mint ball
  2. 90% savings occur  when buying used golfballs
  3. Every golf ball is used by 7 people before being thrown out.

For someone who has only seen his father play golf occasionally, and watched movies where corporates often hold meetings over golf, I find this a fascinatingly informative infographic. It is almost like a dictionary for golf balls – a newbie can almost take a printout of this page and use it while shopping for the same. The colours and fonts used to structure the infographic fit perfectly with the sport of golfing. is a user friendly website that makes shopping extremely easy. Its commitment to its customers and the will to reach out to potential golfers is in good stead. New I Like looks forward to more such educational and informative features from

Used Golf Balls


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