Types of Motorcycles

motorcycle infographic
types of motorcycle

Motorcycles and bike lovers often have some common traits that define them – outlaw, macho, tough, independent. These are some traditional characteristics we associate with bikers. There are many kinds of needs that exist for people in India who buy Indian Motorcycles. Be it rural or urban requirements, the Indian market has huge potential for two wheelers for its diverse target groups.

For instance, the smaller towns and villages rely heavily on motorcycles. For this, we have traditional cultural icons like Bajaj and Hero that are established in peoples psyche. These brands are the Maruti’s of the motorcycle industry – trustworthy, reliable and ever present. In the urban areas, people are taking a liking to have a hot, cool looking pair of wheels to provide them escapism from the rigors of daily city life. For this, we have brands like Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson and Ducattis that appeal to people’s sporty nature and tough image.

From being a necessity to being a passion – motorcycles are a ubiquitous presence in India. This presence, coupled with another ubiquitous platform, the internet, makes for an amazing combination. The Indian internet industry has just woken up to the marvels of online buying and selling. From books to mobiles and washing machines – you name it, people are buying and selling from various websites these days. In fact, high expenditure items like bikes and cars too are catching the fancy of online consumers.

At the moment, we are witnessing some groundbreaking trends and the next five years seems to be an exciting time for the Indian motorcycle industry.

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