Types of Footwear that can Help you to Ace your Fashion Game

Credit: https://okcredit.in/blog/how-to-start-footwear-business-in-india/
Credit: https://okcredit.in/blog/how-to-start-footwear-business-in-india/


You must have heard that footwear completes the look and it is definitely true. When it comes to looking fashionable it is all about paying attention to the details. Many celebrity stylists have said multiple times that to look chique and polished you have to take a serious look at the details of the outfit. So here is a list of Footwear that you must own to stay on top of your Fashion Game!

Casual Sandals:

It might sound odd that we are starting with casual footwear but most of the time we choose comfortable outfits. And it is important to have appropriate footwear for that. These types of footwear are very versatile and can be paired with almost anything. Thanks to brands like Metro shoes who have a plethora of styles in casual sandals for you to choose from and basis our personal experiences, I can say it is always better to own a few more options so you can style them well.



I feel boots are the type of footwear that helps you make a Fashion statement with ease. It will never go out of fashion so you do not have to worry about changing trends. I own a pair of Black Boots from Metro which were worth the price and are very durable too. Since I have worn them so many times now that I can vouch for the quality of the footwear. The major point that I love about the footwear is that they are so multifaceted that I can wear them at parties, casual outings, and even on formal occasions


Slip Ons:

I have seen people consider slip-on footwear to go well with casual dresses. However in reality when styled correctly they blend in well with formal clothes too. Honestly, these are way more comfortable in comparison with other footwear options that you will get. If you are someone who picks comfort over style this footwear is meant for you. So that you don’t have to worry about the outfit coming together as this footwear has a stylish element to it.



In recent times sneakers have become a go-to footwear option for the everyday smart casual look not just for men but also for women. The reason why people prefer sneakers is because they are widely available and come in creative styles. On top of that, they also give you comfort and stability that in general, a designed luxury footwear might not give you.


Heels for Women:

Everyone would agree that Heels are the only type of footwear that will turn the whole look around. It might sound like a controversial opinion but heels make any women’s outfit a bit more aesthetic. Whether you go for wedges, pumps, or platform heels they all have the capacity to make you look more sophisticated.


Formal Shoes for Men:

Not restricting yourself to only formal occasions is the key to styling the men’s formal footwear. These shoes are very durable if you take good care of them. You can easily get shoe care accessories from Metro like the polishing cream, brush, and even a shoe deo that will keep them fresh and odor-free. From a styling perspective, you should colour coordinate the formal shoe with the overall outfit so that it blends in beautifully.


So ladies and gentlemen it is time you stack your closet with these footwear.

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