2019 Trends and Styles in Mens Sandals

mens sandals
mens sandals

With so many collections of new footwear available in the market, shopping for Mens sandals can be a tiring task for many. Worry not, as in this article we help you to be up to date with the popular styles and trends of Mens sandals in 2019. Allow us to guide you on how to shop for the right mens sandals with confidence that fits your ensemble and persona.

From varied daring designs and trendy colours, prepare to be surprised. 

Flip flops

Flip flops need no introduction as they are one of the most common footwear found at homes. They go by different names like plakkies, chappals, and jandals. Comfortable and easy to wear, flip flops come in a range of materials with the rubber ones suited to the beach and pool, while leather ones are perfect for occasions and outings. 


Walking sandals or floaters are great for high-end activities. Though not high on style or a major fashion statement, durability and comfort are its biggest plus points. These mens sandals are perfect for those with an active lifestyle and a lot of outdoor and recreation activities – be it walking, trekking, kayaking, etc. They are also suitable for all weathers; from summers to hitting the rainy muddy waters, these sandals are meant to last long and protect your feet.


Slides are another set of footwear that is unassertive, comfortable and gaining popularity in 2019. This type of mens sandals seems to have gripped the footwear market with many brands getting into the act with multiple designs and variations. Get an affordable pair which doesn’t cost much, as they are at best ‘street sandals’ suited for casual looks and swift outings. They tend to go best with short length trousers. 

Huarache sandals

Huarache mens sandals can be a winning pair in 2019 that can be worn to the likes of formal, ethnic and casual attire. Having looks resembling loafers, these sandals are comfortable, lightweight and also equally aesthetic that tends to go well with your trousers or shorts. You get quite a variety of designs, ranging from woven effects, buckle systems, loafer-type models to simplistic rope and sole types. Just choose one to your comfort and wear, as huarache sandals can end up as a smart addition to your wardrobe. Also, did you know that these were the native sandals of Mexico and the amazing story behind it?     

Crocs Mens Sandals

Crocs are definitely not going to win you brownie points with the fashion police; however, the levels of profound comfort provided by these light-weight and yet durable mens sandals that can bear the brunt of harsh weather and regular wear and tear make them an easy buy. They are now available in interesting designs and colours that will look seamless with your casual wear, especially with knee-length trousers. 

Bottom line 

Collection of Mens sandals have continued to increase over time, especially making a comeback this 2019. The newer vibrant designs and trendy numbers have made the cut, appealing to the likes of masses. In terms of colours, while the general preference still lies on black and brown wear, other muted colours and whites do enjoy success, especially in sandal varieties and sliders. A great pair of sandals is an absolute must in your wardrobe in 2019, which apart from being comfortable and durable, will also add shade to your overall look.

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  1. I’m far enough from being the trendiest cool guy in town, but hey, I’m trying to at least look my best. Thanks for sharing the trends. Great that I can know which are in trend and which aren’t.


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