Travelling with VoIP – Bring Your Phone System Anywhere

Travelling with VoIP - Bring Your Phone System Anywhere 1

Travelling with VoIP - Bring Your Phone System Anywhere 2

The biggest problem with travelling comes when you can’t make international or local calls. You become limited by the standard communication options. Whether you are a freelancer working overseas, or someone who wants to contact friends and family while travelling, if you have internet access then there is nothing stopping you from making calls with cheap call rates. Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology that makes this possible. It’s not just about making calls; you can also enjoy other additional features that are offered by this type of communication solution. You can make calls from anywhere in the world with Voice over Internet Protocol. You just need to have internet, a mobile app and a VoIP Account for receiving and making calls from numbers worldwide. You can start making calls on the go with these three easy steps.

1. Get Access To Internet connection

It is important to remember that only having the internet is not enough, you need a stable internet connection for better call quality. This can be achieved through Wi-Fi or your mobile network. If you travel to large cities then you won’t have any issues in finding a free Wi-Fi.

2. Download Smartphone application

Making internet calls with Voice over IP gives you immense flexibility, as you can make calls from a variety of devices including softphones or dedicated IP phones. Also, it’s easier to make through iOS or Android. You can download external VoIP apps like Whatsapp or VoIP Business. Configuration of the softphone is not complicated and it doesn’t need any technical knowledge.

3. A VoIP account

Probably the most compelling point for trying Voice over IP phone is its smaller cost compared to the traditional landline phones. Besides, these software-based services give you a wide variety of destination countries.

Let’s Have a Look on What Addition Features You Can Enjoy 

Compared to the traditional phone services, with VoIPyou can get benefit from different additional options other than making and receiving phone calls. Service providers often offer different service packages for customers to choose from. These packages include several other features including:

  • Text messaging: If you are someone who texts a lot then voice over IP provides this convenient feature. With this, you can easily send texts from the web or Smartphone app directly at a cheaper rate.
  • Voicemail: Voicemail is a quite practical feature that can at times be costly while you use traditional telephone services abroad. When in abroad incoming calls and voicemails are charged. So, if you use these services you would have to pay a massive phone bill. To cut back on such expenses, you just have to turn these functions off before travelling. However, if you are expecting to get some important messages then you should become a VoIP user since they offer much cheaper alternative options.
  • Call forwarding: One of the most beneficial features of VoIP is call forwarding that forwards calls to external phone numbers or extensions automatically. This way you never miss any call. Every call will follow you wherever you are. To enable this functionality, you need to buy a virtual phone number for your VoIP phone system which is generally cheap.
  • Emergency calling Service: Whilst using these services, you have to ensure you can make call to Emergency telephone number. The functionality of emergency services is still not common between service providers but some of them do provide this service. VoIP Business is one such service provider which provides emergency calling on their network for the users from the UK.

VoIP phone services allow you to make the most of their beneficial communication features such as conferencing and IVR. The possibilities with such modern communication solution are becoming more sophisticated and endless. These calling features are used nowadays commonly. These days you can travel without having to worry about connectivity and you can discover different possibilities that meet your needs.


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