Transformer Oil Regeneration for Extended Transformer Life

Transformer Oil Regeneration

Transformer Oil Regeneration

Transformers produce a lot of heat and require proper cooling to keep functioning properly and efficiently. The transformer is immersed in oil which provides insulation, removes heat, and stores sludge to allow the transformer to work without disturbance. Systems used for conventional filtering of transformer oil can only degas the system and remove moisture from it. That’s a partial clean. Sophisticated transformer oil cleaning solutions like Filtervac are required to clean all residue like acids and harmful chemicals accumulated in the oil.

These systems make the process simpler and safer by removing hazardous substances. One system can last upwards of two years depending on how frequently the regeneration cycles are used. These systems can support up to 300 regeneration cycles.

Cost effectiveness is another factor that goes in favor of these sophisticated systems. There is complete removal of impurities and hazardous substances at an effective price. This leads to a reduced frequency of oil changes for the transformer.

An Award-Winning Solution for De-Icing Your Roof And Gutters

People living in areas with harsh winters often have to face frequent snowfalls. While it looks beautiful, it adds extra work for home owners and maintenance guys. The gutters get clogged with snow and the roof also has an extensive build up. People have been using ladders to climb their rooves and remove the snow and ice manually using mechanical tools. While this not only requires people to stand and work for long in the freezing cold, this practice is also prone to accidents. One slip and the person may fall off the roof and have grievous injury.

The best solution in such cases is to use a heating system. Such a system consists of a network of pipes spread through the roof and gutters. These heat lines act as effective de-icing systems and can be used in homes, cottages, office buildings, and shops. The heating systems offered by use coils, thermostats and sensors to detect the ice and melt it. The application area could be agricultural, business, domestic, and many more.

With the flick of a switch the heating system would melt off all the snow and ice and you can have temperature and insulation as per your requirements.

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