Can You Trade Options From TradingView Charts?

Human Traders Vs Trading Bots

TradingView charts, which traders use as part of their technical analysis for various trades including option trading, showcase the changes in the price over time. Using this can help you make trading decisions which ensure that you are on the right track for your trades. If you are also looking to trade options via TradingView, you are at the right place.

There are several methods for trading options, but the most popular and widely used way is through TradingView charts.

Dhan, in collaboration with TradingView, allows traders to access TradingView charts for trading options contracts. TradingView charts help you improve your skills for conducting your market analysis by letting you identify market patterns and decide when to enter and exit a position.

If you are wondering how to trade options with TradingView charts, this article is for you. Without any delay, let’s get started.

How to Trade Options From TradingView Charts?

Once you log in to TradingView via Dhan, it becomes an all-in-one platform where you can do everything in the same window for trading options. It includes all sections such as Financial Holdings, Assets, Transactions, Watchlist, Funds, and other order-related notifications. Accessing all these options from the same screen will help you trade seamlessly by not letting you switch between multiple accounts and allocate funds to trade.

Placing and trading options from TradingView charts is super simple. Thanks to Dhan, who has made it possible for you to trade options on TradingView.

You can see the Plus (+) indicator on the TradingView chart as soon as you place your cursor anywhere on the chart. A buy or sell position can be entered right on the chart. If you currently have any pending or existing orders, you can see them all right there on the chart. Moreover, you can click on the Bid and Ask tab on the chart to place or sell the order.

Another good part about trading options with TradingView charts is that once you click on the DOM (Price Ladder), it will display an option and ask you if you want to trade directly from there.

How Can TradingView Charts Make Options Trading Easier?

The TradingView charts are packaged with great features. It allows you to thoroughly understand the market by undertaking a complete technical analysis.

Furthermore, Tradingview charts help you to plan your trades efficiently. Dhan has collaborated with TradingView to help you identify and implement profitable breakout movements of options contracts. Moreover, when performing technical analysis through these charts, you can look at price movements based on the specific asset’s history on the chart and predict the asset’s price and volume based on past transactions.


TradingView charts have recognisable patterns that you can employ to decipher market sentiments. The fundamental components of the TradingView charts represent traders’ & investors’ behaviour and analyse price movements.

Your Dhan account will automatically sync with every trade you place on TradingView. All you need to do is sign up to Dhan, complete the KYC process, and get a confirmation mail. You are all set to use TradingView on Dhan.

So, get onboard and start your trading journey today. Good luck!

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