Sponsored Video:Toyota Dominoes- Building a Happier Planet

Founded by Kichiro Toyoda in 1937, the world’s first automobile manufacturer to produce more than 10 million vehicles per year, Toyota, is well known for its cutting edge technology. It has been at the forefront for bringing the novel concept of hybrid vehicles into the market commercially.

Starting with the much-appreciated full hybrid electric mid-size hatchback Toyota Prius that made its debut in 1997, the auto manufacturer has been working diligently to make ‘Sustainable Mobility’ a reality. As a result, the US and Japan witnessed a limited sale of ‘Toyota FCHV’ in 2002. The focus is to develop a technology that reduces our dependency on fossil fuels. Behold the Fuel Cell Vehicles, the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen generates electricity to power the motor driving. The best part is absolute zero emissions, no release of carbon dioxide, how eco-friendly is that?! The concept of hybrid and fuel cell vehicles takes Toyota to a league of its own.

Its latest campaign promoting hybrid and electric cars is exceptional, the one that makes you sit up and think. The game-changer technology’s long-term impact is expressed through dominoes. When you think of dominoes you picture them falling down, however, as unique as it may sound the video shows the rise of fallen dominoes. The Dominoes pick themselves up so they stand straight in a row to represent the booming impact of electric environment friendly cars. With the underlying theme ‘one great idea leads to next’, from the first Prius to the Prius plug-in and the Fuel Celled Sedan,the ad cleverly exhibits how every little innovation can lead to another and bring about a major change.

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This post has been sponsored by Toyota, but all thoughts are our own.

Check out the new FCV launch by Toyota to be as smitten by the brand as we are.

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