Top Health Myths: Fact or Fad?

Top Health Myths: Fact or Fad? 1

In today’s world, obtaining the “perfect figure” has become an obsession of our culture. People have created and tried a large variety of health fads or diet and exercise techniques with the hopes of minimizing effort and maximizing results. While we know that not much in life comes without sacrifice, we still hope for that magic combination that makes body perfecting an effortless feat regardless of how it affects our health.

From juicing to cleanses, detox diets to gluten-free, and CrossFit to Zumba, this infographic unveils the reality of popular body-perfecting trends and the health facts or myths that accompany each. Did you know that scientists have not even identified the toxins that detox diets supposedly flush from our bodies? Or that eating after 8pm isn’t a cause of weight gain? People simply tend to choose less healthy snacks when they are tired. So next time you’re looking for a 9pm snack, grab something nutritious and kick this one of many health myths! [via]

Top Health Myths: Fact or Fad?

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