Top Five Connected Fitness Market Trends That Will Completely Take Over 2022

Top Five Connected Fitness Market Trends That Will Completely Take Over 2022 1

Every element of our daily life has changed as a result of the COVID epidemic. With several limitations and a new norm, individuals had to adapt to a new “remote-first” way of life and find new methods to do common chores.

People who wanted to maintain their health and fitness under the pandemic limitations switched from traditional gyms to virtual exercise platforms and Zoom workouts. Furthermore, it is predicted that by 2026, the worldwide market for fitness apps would amount to US$15.96 billion.

According to Statista, the number of users of health and fitness apps slightly decreased in 2021 as gyms began to reopen. However, it is anticipated that by 2022, 86.3 billion people will have used a fitness app.

The year of connected fitness applications may be 2022. Connected fitness applications can provide more than simply wearables that track and report routines, taking into account all the social and physical distance. The fundamental change that might completely alter the fitness industry is already being presented.

Connected fitness may assist you in expanding your target audience, meeting their demands, and providing a better experience while assisting individuals in achieving their fitness objectives. IoT, AI, and VR also enable a distinctive app solution and an enhanced experience for home fitness. Connected fitness is still available when gyms are able to run smoothly.

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Connected Fitness Market Trends

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